Publications that followed from the EAC conferences are not traditional proceedings volumes (with the exception of Beyond the Steppe and the Sown).  Instead, these volumes present a subset of papers chosen by the editors that adhere most closely to the conference theme.

From the 2012 conference:

Fitful Histories and Unruly Publics: Rethinking Temporality and Community in Eurasian Archaeology. Edited by Kathryn O. Weber, Emma Hite, Lori Khatchadourian, and Adam T. Smith

From the 2008 conference:

The Archaeology of Power and Politics in Eurasia: Regimes and Revolutions Edited by Charles W. Hartley, G. Bike Yazicioğlu, and Adam T. Smith

From the 2005 Conference:

Social Orders and Social Landscapes  Edited by Laura M. Popova, Charles W. Hartley, and Adam T. Smith

From the 2002 Conference:

Beyond the Steppe and the Sown  Edited by David L. Peterson, Laura M. Popova, and Adam T. Smith